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Build brand awareness and company culture with themed meetings in Microsoft Teams!

Did you know that you can add a custom style to Microsoft Teams meetings? Can you imagine that when entering a Microsoft Teams meeting you can see your logo in the lobby, or the background is a corporate one and give it a touch of distinction when joining. You can do it and it’s very simple!

Today I am going to show you how you can:

  • Put your logo in the virtual lobby.
  • Change the background in the virtual lobby.
  • Change button colors and other details during the meeting.
  • Define the funds that your users can use during the meeting.
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ENGLISH, Microsoft Teams

Wow Snapchat Lenses in Microsoft Teams!!! How to disable those for my users?

Microsoft and Snapchat just announce that both will be integrated within Microsoft Teams client enabling users to utilize snapchat filters during Microsoft Teams meetings. You can find the official announcement here Oh, Snap! Let Your Silly Side Shine with Snapchat Lenses for Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Community Hub

Starting this week, a collection of 20+ of the most popular Snapchat Lenses are available to Teams customers globally*, giving you more ways to express yourself, build relationships and let your meetings shine

SnapChat in Teams

Wonder to know how many admin will allow this into production, because as you can imagine this is enabled by default.

In this post I will show you how you can disable this feature, just in case you want it. I do not want to make this a controversial post, just let you decide if want to enable or not for your users.

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Enable/Disable new Microsoft Teams app toggle switch using TAC and Powershell

Big announce Today! Microsoft release to Public Preview a New Microsoft Teams App which had have a huge changes into performance, as many people complains that previous version consume a lot of memory, was not fast enough and stuff like that.

Now the new Microsoft Teams desktop client, in order to provide a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience. This new client installs and loads faster, so the experience to join meetings will be quicker, letting you to focus on the business and forget about those issues.

A simple way to enable this new app, user will be able to see a new toggle switch to try the new Teams. But an admin might be able to choose if they want to allow users to see this option. In this post I will show you how you can accomplish this task using TAC and Powershell, so you can decide if block or allow for some users, up to you!


Image 1. New Toggle Switch to change to New Teams App

if you want to control which user can see the toggle, we will need to use the Teams admin setting UseNewTeamsClient of course we need to create a policy for that or set this attribute into an existing one.

Configure using Teams Admin Center

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[Skype for Business] | SfB OnLine en Pidgin Linux

Lo prometido es deuda. Les traigo la configuración para conectar uno de los clientes en Linux a una cuenta de Skype for Business Online (O365)

El nombre del cliente es Pidgin.

Para instalarlo debemos ingresar al shell y ejecutar lo siguiente.

sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe

Image 007

Esperamos a que termine de instalar.

Image 008

Abrimos el cliente de Pidgin y le damos en agregar una cuenta.


Image 009


En la pestaña Advanced agregamos la siguiente información

NOTA: El agente usado fue UCCAPI/15.0.4420.1017 OC/15.0.4420.1017 

Image 010

Después de esto agregar en la pestaña Basic la información de inicio de sesión de SfB Online, y seleccionar como protocolo Office Communicator.

Si después de esto aun no les permite iniciar sesión ejecutar los siguientes comandos.

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Image 011

sudo apt-get install checkinstall

Image 012

Reiniciar pidgin e iniciará sesión sin problema.

Lamentablemente solo tenemos mensajería con Pidgin.


Tenemos las funciones básicas de Presencia y Mensajería.

  • Podemos cambiar nuestro estado de presencia
  • Podemos cambiar nuestro mensaje
  • Podemos tener comunicación por IM con otros usuarios
  • Podemos ver nuestra lista de contactos.

En resumen si tenemos la necesidad o preferencia de trabajar sobre un equipo con Linux como SO, y solamente necesitamos conectarnos a nuestro SfB para IM, este cliente es una opción. Si necesitamos las demás características necesitamos hacerlo con el cliente Sky. Mas adelante publicare sobre el.


Espero les sea de ayuda.

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LYNC 2013 MOBILE UPDATE (5.4) ON IPHONE (7.1) Issues


DONT INSTALL LAST LYNC 2013 UPDATE (5.4) ON IPHONE (7.1,7.1.1) UPDATE: Only in 7.1 iOS version

We found that the last lync update (5.4) is not working with iOS version (7.1,7.1.1). It’ll show that can not find the server to login or a that exist a certificate problem.

We reinstalled Lync version (5.3) to Loggin.

UPDATE: Upgrade iOS version to 7.1.1 fix it.

While MS fix that, we recommend DONT INSTALL LYNC UPDATE.



ENGLISH, Lync 2013

Lync Connectivity Analyzer – Does not start

This tool had been very helpful to do trobleshooting with mobility and Lync Store, it checks if all DNS registers were created and can be resolvable from inside and outside enterprise network

(Here is the link to download it)

My laptop is Windows 8, and was working well. Now, if I try to open Lync Connectivity Analyzer, nothing happen


Uninstall the follow:

  • KB2840632
  • KB2833958

After uninstall, all work again.


ENGLISH, Lync 2013

Lync Mobile 2013 – Does not play voicemails

The other day I found this little issue in a deployment

We enabled UM for pilot users, and everything worked fine. But when we tried to play voicemails from an iPhone, it did not play the message. We tried with Android Phone and same error.



We executed the following cmdlet to change the audio codec to MP3.

Set-UMDialPlan -Identity MyUMDialPlan -AudioCodec MP3

With this change, both devices could play voicemails


I hope this will help you

ENGLISH, Lync 2013

Lync 2013 – Automatic Login process

Hi all,

I reviewed the automatic login process in Lync 2013,and  I found that the first steps are different than Lync 2010.

In Lync 2010 the login process was the follow:

  • _sipinternaltls._tcp.<sip domain>
  • _sip._tls.<sip domain>
  • sipinternal.<sip domain>
  • sip.<sip domain>
  • sipexternal.<sip domain>

I put a Wireshark trace on my Lab with Lync 2013

Note: I did not create any DNS register, because I wanted trace the full process.


1) DNS A Register : lyncdiscoverinternal.<sip domain>

This DNS A Register was included since Lync 2010 CU4 to offer Lync Mobile Service. Now with Lync 2013, it’s the first option to automatic login.


Imagen 024

2) DNS A Register: lyncdiscover.<sip domain>

As previous register, added to Lync since Lync 2010 CU4, but with different porpouse. This DNS register, allow user outside corporative LAN, to connect to Lync Mobile Clients, the previous one only works for internal users.

Imagen 025

3) DNS SRV: _sipinternaltls._tcp.<sip domain>

From here, are same steps as Lync 2010

Imagen 026

4) DNS SRV: _sip._tls.<sip domain>

Imagen 027

5) DNS A: sipinternal.<sip domain>

Imagen 028

6) DNS A: sip.<sip domain>

Imagen 030

7) DNS A: sipexternal.<sip domain>

Imagen 031

Note: Lync Windows Store, stops in the second step

I hope this help you

Espero les sea de ayuda

ENGLISH, Lync 2013

Audiocodes FXO – Does not release call


We have an Audiocodes Mediant 1000B Gateway integrated with Lync Server 2013, and it has a card with 4 FXO ports

When we receive an incoming call from the PSTN, we can answer without problem. The issue comes when the call is finished. If the call is terminated from Lync side, the call FXO port is released. But, if the PSTN side is who end the call, the call does not release and we can see the FXO port busy.


We are in Mexico, so we change Call Progress Tone File with other one made for Mexico (Default file is for USA ). Once we did it, we tried again and the problem was solved. No matter who end the call, the FXO port was released.


Imagen 023


Here’s the link to Download Mexico Call Progress Tone File


I hope this help you