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Build brand awareness and company culture with themed meetings in Microsoft Teams!

Did you know that you can add a custom style to Microsoft Teams meetings? Can you imagine that when entering a Microsoft Teams meeting you can see your logo in the lobby, or the background is a corporate one and give it a touch of distinction when joining. You can do it and it’s very simple!

Today I am going to show you how you can:

  • Put your logo in the virtual lobby.
  • Change the background in the virtual lobby.
  • Change button colors and other details during the meeting.
  • Define the funds that your users can use during the meeting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These features are available in Teams Premium license.

Well then, let’s get to work.

To do this we will enter our Microsoft Teams administration portal (TAC)


And we will go to the Meetings>Customization policies

And we’re going to create a new policy.

The following options will appear. We are going to select Add a theme to configure the logo, the background of the lobby and the colors of the buttons and other aspects.

All of these customization options foster a branded meeting experience by incorporating visual assets (ie, an organization’s logo, branding, and color theme) into meetings. Branded meetings are not currently supported in Microsoft Teams Rooms.


The logo will appear in the meeting lobby and other places in Microsoft Teams. The accepted formats for this logo are:

  • PNG or JPEG
  • Be less than 5 MB
  • Be at least 576 x 576 px

We just have to select upload logo, search within our local team for the image that meets the requirements and accept.

When it is finished, it will show us the small logo and we will know that it was a success.


The images will appear as the background in the meeting lobby. The accepted formats for this image are as follows.

  • PNG or JPEG
  • It must be less than 10MB
  • It must be at least 576 x 576 px
  • It must be maximum 2048 x 2048 px

As with the logo, it is enough to select the correct file and when it uploads it will show us a thumbnail and we will know that everything has been satisfactory.


We can select a color that goes according to our business image and combines with the background and the logo that we have added. In this case, for my Steampunk In The Cloud customization I look for a color between brown and sepia.


We have already made our changes, now we can see them before accepting them in case we need to make any changes. It’s not a true way of looking at it, but it gives us a general idea of ​​how it will appear to our users. I liked the result, so I accept and return to the previous page.

Now, I don’t want the hosts to have the option to remove the defined theme, so I turn that option off, but you can leave it if you want them to choose whether or not to occupy it. I leave to your judgment.

We are going to add the backgrounds for video within the session so that your users can use them. For this we are going to enable Use background images from my organization and we are going to click on +Add

Meeting Backgrounds

For the backgrounds you can provide up to 50 different images, so you have several options to propose. These images will appear available to your users according to the order in which you uploaded them to the portal.

Only users with a Teams Premium license will be able to see the images.

I added 8 images for Steampunk In The Cloud. Now , let´s try!

NOTE: Obviously the policy that we have just created must be assigned to the users so that they can create the meetings with that configuration, in my example I added 4 users.


In the following image we can see that, when entering a session, the lobby already has the logo in the center, the background image has been customized and the colors of the meeting have changed as I have planned. So far everything ok!

Now, since we enter the meeting with one of my users with an assigned license, we can see that he has the 8 backgrounds that we have defined for him and he can use them, in order to be consistent with the Steampunk theme, in the same way you can see that the buttons and options continue to retain the color you had defined.

Tell me what you think? I am fascinated by this type of customization because you print a special touch and a unique experience according to your brand.

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