Lync | Update Lync for Windows Phone

El día de ayer salió una actualización para el cliente de Windows Phone, siendo interesante resaltar las 3 opciones para poder hacer las llamadas VoIP always—The device will use a Wi-Fi connection, if available, to place the call. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, the device will defer to the 3G/4G data plan and the Lync voice calls will be initiated over that connection. This option is perfect for

LYNC 2013 MOBILE UPDATE (5.4) ON IPHONE (7.1) Issues

  DONT INSTALL LAST LYNC 2013 UPDATE (5.4) ON IPHONE (7.1,7.1.1) UPDATE: Only in 7.1 iOS version We found that the last lync update (5.4) is not working with iOS version (7.1,7.1.1). It'll show that can not find the server to login or a that exist a certificate problem. We reinstalled Lync version (5.3) to Loggin. UPDATE: Upgrade iOS version to 7.1.1 fix it. While MS fix that,

Lync Mobile iPhone(7.1) – No conecta ultima actualizacion (5.4)

RECOMENDACIÓN: NO INSTALAR ULTIMO UPDATE DE LYNC (5.4) EN IPHONE (7.1) ACTUALIZACION: Solo pasa en iOS 7.1 Acabamos de revisar que al actualizar la app de Lync 2013 en los telefonos iPhone (probados por nosotros 7.1 y 7.1.1), se tienen problemas para iniciar la sesión. Muestra el error de que no encuentra el servidor o que se tienen problemas con el certificado. Tuvimos que reinstalar la

Lync Mobile 2013 – Does not play voicemails

The other day I found this little issue in a deployment We enabled UM for pilot users, and everything worked fine. But when we tried to play voicemails from an iPhone, it did not play the message. We tried with Android Phone and same error. Solution: We executed the following cmdlet to change the audio codec to MP3. Set-UMDialPlan -Identity MyUMDialPlan -AudioCodec MP3 With this cha