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[en–Skype for Business] Connect Linux Client to O365 SfB

As I promised, I bring to you how to connect a Linux Client to a O365 SfB Account.

The client name is Pidgin.

To install we need to open a shell and run the follow.

sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe

Image 007

Wait until installation finish.

Image 008

Open Pidgin client, and click Add.

Image 009

On Advanced Tab, add the information as follow.

NOTE: User Agent  UCCAPI/15.0.4420.1017 OC/15.0.4420.1017

Image 010

On Basic Tab, fill the fields with your account information and select Office Communicator as Protocol.

If you can’t login yet. Run the following commands


sudo apt-get install build-essential

Image 011

sudo apt-get install checkinstall

Image 012

Restart Pidgin and you must login without any problem.

Unfortunately we just have IM with Pidgin client.


We have the basic Presence and IM features.

  • Change Presence states
  • Change Personal Message 
  • IM Chat
  • See Contact List.

So, if you like or need to work with Linux OS and only need SfB to Chat, Pidgin could be a option. But if you need more features like Audio/Video o PSTN you must try with other client. Sky could be the best option, I will post about Sky later.

Hope this helps you.

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